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bosch solution 16 installation manual

We are sure that you will find this system extremely flexible, reliable and easy to use. The quick reference guide is supplied with the system to provide users with enough basic information to wire, configure and program the system. SOL 16 SAFECOM QUICK REF GUIDE.DOC.DOC Bosch Security Systems Pty Limited. Remember to substitute a 10 for a zero and to terminate the number with a zero as you would if you were programming the telephone numbers. SOL 16 SAFECOM QUICK REF GUIDE.DOC.DOC Bosch Security Systems Pty Limited. SOL 16 SAFECOM QUICK REF GUIDE.DOC.DOC Bosch Security Systems Pty Limited. Bosch Security Systems Pty Limited. So that you can get the most from your alarm system we suggest that you take the time to read through this manual and familiarise yourself with the Solution-8 and its many outstanding operating features. The more manuals i have listed the more people can benefit from my site. The system offers many other programmable features which are described in greater detail in the Solution-8 Installation Manual (MA800I). Solution-16 Control Panel pdf manual download. Also for: Solution-16 safecom. EDM SOL. All rights are may download a single copy of this publication. By downloading the publication you agree that you will: (i) only use the publication for your own reference; (ii) not commercially exploit or charge any person for the use of the publication; and (iii) not modify the publication in any way without the prior written permission of Bosch. Except as specified above or where authorised by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), no part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, modified or stored in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Bosch. Trademarks Throughout this document trademark names may have been used.http://xn--80aamwn.xn--p1ai/userfiles/bosch-pie675t01e-user-manual.xml

Rather than put a trademark symbol in every occurrence of a trademark name, we state that we are using the names only in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark. Notice of Liability While every effort has been taken the accuracy of this document, neither Bosch Security Systems Pty Ltd nor any of its official representatives shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. Should you find any error on inconsistency, please notify us accordingly. Telepermit Note The grant of a Telepermit for a device in no way indicates Telecom acceptance of responsibility for the correct operation of that device under all operating conditions. This equipment shall not be used in any manner that could constitute a nuisance to other Telecom customers. Immediately disconnect this equipment should it become physically damaged, and arrange for its disposal or repair. The transmit level from this device is set as a fixed level and because of this there may be circumstances where the performance is less than optimal. Before reporting such occurrences as faults, please check the line with a standard telepermitted telephone. Warnings 1) This product must be installed by a qualified and licensed security installer. 2) This product may not perform as expected if installed incorrectly. 3) Some features of this product require a working telephone line to operate and telephone communication service provider charges are applicable. 4) Australian standard AS 2201 requires regular service by qualified and licensed security persons and regular user testing. Please consult your security alarm company for further details. 5) Incorrect programming of parameters can result in operation contrary to what may be desired. 6) Leave the mains adapter plugged in at all times.

7) Leave the telephone line plugged in at all times under normal conditions.Areas The control panel supports up to 4 separate areas. You can assign all zones to a single area, or you can assign each zone to a combination of different areas. You can arm and disarm the control panel by area, alternatively, you can arm and disarm several areas at the same time. Dialler The control panel has a built-in dialler to send reports to the receiving party (ie. Security company monitoring station, mobile phone etc). Keypads You can connect a maximum of 8 fully supervised keypads to the control panel. The available current affects the total number of keypads that you can connect without the need to provide additional power supplies. History Log The control panel can store up to 256 history events from all 8 areas. All events are stored in the log, even if they are programmed not to report via the on-board dialler. Ensure that the enclosure is mounted on a solid, flat, vertical surface such that the base will not flex when tightened. Cabinet dimensions are shown below. Solution 16 plus 257 Figure 2: Metal Box Module Space Allocations 375 Figure 1: Cabinet Dimensions M odule Spaces Each cabinet has 4 identical module spaces and 1 large module space that is allocated for non Solution PCB boards (eg.The expander board will be earthed via the screws that mount the PCB to the metal box. All modules will mount on these module spaces. A list of the PCB boards is detailed below Module Space Occupied Solution 16 plus Control Panel 2 Module Spaces CM104 Zone Expander 1 Module Space CM110 Output Expander 1 Module Space CM120 LAN Power Supply 1 Module Space CM195 RF Receiver Expander 1 Module Space Using the above table, the installer can determine how many modules can be mounted in a single cabinet box. On some export models, module 3 will not be available as the transformer mounts in this location.

90 Panel Led Indicators The Solution 16 plus PCB has two LED indicators (Dialler and Status LED s) which display the following information. Panel Address Selec t The Solution 16 plus pcb has three DIP switches (called Panel Node Select) that must be set. In a multi-panel system, each control panel (Node) must to be set to a unique address. Panel NODE Select DIP Switch Address Settings Panel to Address S1 S2 S3 Panel 1 Off Off Off Panel 2 On Off Off Panel 3 Off On Off Panel 4 On On Off Panel 5 Off Off On Panel 6 On Off On Panel 7 Off On On Panel 8 On On On Table 3: Panel Node Select i Note The node switch should be left at Panel 1 position for Solution 16 plus. OFF-OFF-OFF. On later versions this switch may have been omitted. This is not a fault. When using Normally-Open Alarm Contacts you must select Inverted Seal for each zone in MENU A shorted loop is a tamper condition for all EOL zone configurations. These terminals are used to power LAN devices up to 750 ma. Connect the LAN A data terminal of any LAN device (eg. Keypads, expansion boards) to this terminal. Connect the LAN B data terminal of any LAN device (eg. This terminal is PTC Fuse protected. Programmable output, capable of providing a maximum of 500 ma (-). These terminals are used to connect the premises telephones. Table 4: Terminal Block Descriptions B oard Connec tors Connector Description Service This socket allow you to connect a service Keypad to the panel during installation. Tamper This socket is used to connect the panel enclosure tamper switch. Default This push button is used to reset the control panel back to factory default. Voice Module Serial Telco Relay This is used to connect the optional Voice Command Module (CM100). This socket is used to connect serial devices to the control system like the direct link programming module. Table 5: Board Connector Descriptions About The Keypad The Graphic Keypad has 20 keys or buttons.

The buttons allow you to input instructions and navigate the menu screens as required. Some buttons have a secondary function which is activated by holding them down for two seconds. This key can also be used to bypass a zone or multiple zones when you press and hold for two seconds. This key can also be used to initiate a dialler test when you press and hold for two seconds. Pressing the 1 and 3 keys together and holding them down for 2 seconds will cause a Panic alarm to be triggered. If programmed the sirens will sound and the monitoring station will be notified. Pressing the 4 and 6 keys together and holding them down for 2 seconds will cause a Fire alarm to be triggered. Keypad Setup The Solution 16 plus control panel can have a maximum of 8 keypads connected via the LAN terminals. Each keypad must be set to a unique address before they will operate. Each keypad needs to be assigned to a home area via MENU This sets the area the keypad will display and control by default. Keypads can be locked to a home area or allowed to roam or move between areas. When the system is powered up, any keypads which have not been assigned a home area will be automatically set to home area 1. Set each keypad address using the table below as a guide.Icon Status Meaning The keypad can display which areas (1 8) are turned on or off via the Area Icon Indicators. This programmable option can be disabled in MENU On Off Flashing Fast On Flashing Flashing Off On On Off Flashing On Off On Off On Off On Off On Off The area is turned All On or Part On The area is turned Off The area has an alarm System power is normal System power is missing A fire alarm is active No fire alarm Fire alarm in memory (Turn the area All On and Off to Clear). The existing service or trouble condition has been acknowledged. No service or trouble conditions exist A service or trouble condition is present that has not been acknowledged. The area is turned Part On. The area is not turned Part On.

The area is turned off. Area not ready to turn on Installer programming mode is active. Keypad Tones All keypads emit several distinct tones and display text to alert you to system events. The volume of the keypad tones can be adjusted in MENU Type Fire Alarm Tone Burglary Alarm Tone Trouble Tone Key Press Tone Entry Delay Tone Exit Delay Tone Error Tone Menu Mode Chime Tone Meaning When a fire zone sounds an alarm, the keypad will sound 3 seconds on and 2 seconds off (repeat). When a burglary zone activates while your system is turned on, your keypad emits a continuous siren tone. It sounds for the time set by your security company. When a system component is not functioning properly, your keypad sounds 4 fast short beeps followed by a 5 second pause (repeat). Pressing any key on the keypad sounds one short beep, indicating that the key press is accepted. If the area is not turned off before the entry delay expires, an alarm condition will sound and a report may be sent to your alarm company. After you turn an area All On, the keypad will sound 1 short beep every second. During the last 10 seconds fast short beeps will be heard. If you don t exit before the delay time expires and an exit delay door is faulted, an alarm occurs. If you press an incorrect key, your keypad will sound a 2 second tone. The keypad sounds fast short beeps to alert you when a zone programmed for chime is faulted or unsealled.This interface is very similar to that found on many mobile phones. Once programming mode is entered you will see a number of menu options in the display and these may vary depending in the user authority level. The default Installer PIN is The Red and Green LED indicators on the keypad will flash to confirm Installer programming mode is active. A new list of menu items will appear. Repeat the above until the desired menu item is located.

Key Description Scrolls Cursor Left Scrolls Cursor Right Scrolls Cursor Up Scrolls Cursor Down OK Enter Menu Options or Saves Changes Go Back One Level, Hold Down to Exit MENU Programming Mode 0 to 9 Enter Data Value ON Turn On Bit Option OFF Turn Off Bit Option, Clear to End of Line Table 7: Keys Used During Programming Command Menu When you first enter programming mode a special menu called the Command Menu will appear at the top of the menu tree. The Command Menu provides a list of the most common system funtions like Turn Chime Mode On, Move To An Area or Turn An Area On. Programming Option Bit Menus Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the 8 different options. Alpha Tex t Text descriptions are available for Area Name, Zone Name, User Name, Schedule Name, Holiday Name Prox Reader Name and Output Name. Each name can have a maximum of 16 characters. Area 2 Name Reception Area PRESS, OK or MENU Figure 16: Area Text Programming Display When programming text, each numeric key represents a different group of characters. Pressing the same numeric key repeatedly will step you through the available characters assigned to the key. The text key layout is the same as most phones. Refer to the table below for detailed character information. ZONE TYPE ZN001 The following steps are the mimimum requirements to get the system reporting back to base. S er vice Mode Service mode when activated disables dialler reporting, prevents all alarms and prevents all users from arming the system.AC and Battery. 2) Press and Hold The Default Push Button Down Then Apply Power To The System. 3) Release Button, The Panel Will Reset And Revert To Normal Operation When Default Is Complete.Charges apply for defaulting if retuned to the distributor. Domestic Template Defaults The following table list the changes that will occur when you select domestic default. For Direct Link you will need a CM900 Direct Link module which connected the panels serial port to the PC.

Once the cable is connected you will need to hold down the default switch on the panel for 5 seconds to initiate the programming session. See Figure 12: for the default switch location. Zone Array The feature allows you to view the condition of 16 zones at a time on a single display. Your base station will need to create a specific reporting template for this and other new model Solution panels.Once a valid PIN has been entered followed by the MENU key the system will automatically determine which menus and option the user has access to and only those items will be displayed.The default values for each parameter are shown in grey. In order to keep the size of this guide down to a minimum we have shown only one example for some parameters and then listed the default values for the other similar parameters. For example the User Default Table below shows the default values for Users 1 to 48. Similar tables are used to show Zone Defaults etc. Examples given in this document are for Area 1 only. If the system is configured for more than one area then you will be prompted on the keypad to select the area you want to work on. Refer to Zone Default Table for other default values. By default, zones 5 to 16 are set as Instant zones. Zones marked as Not Used do not require EOL resistors to be fitted. The latching and Momentary options will control all areas on the system.All rights are may download All rights are may download Control Panels OPERATING YOUR ALARM 5 General Information 5 Arming the Alarm 5 Disarming the Alarm 6 Arming in Stay Mode 7 Disarming Stay Mode 8 Bypassing Zones 8 Manual Panic, All rights Installation and User Manual SYSTEM OPEN 17:30 01 Jan ENT 0 ESC Micron product is manufactured to exacting quality standards. We understand PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd. Reproductions On every system s arming the counter is cleared in self. 6.3.11.

2 - Triger Timer - enter a Should you have any questions or comments, please visit and send us Operating Guide. Proudly Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand Default codes: User code: 1234 Master Manager Code: 2222 ARMED Light is on when armed; off when disarmed; flashes to indicate a previous Owner s Manual Enter Dealer Code to exit or press the C key to return to Dealer Liquid Crystal Display. 6 Keypad. 7 Indicator Lights. 8 User Identification.PIN. User s Guide. Version 9.08.2 We understand the importance Should you have any questions or comments, please visit and send Installation and User Manual The Active 5 is a microprocessor controlled intruder alarm panel. It features Feature Definitions. - Programming the LED Keypads. Programming the NX-. 9- Types Programs 1, 2 and 3. Access codes. How to operate Personal Attack Print Version 017 To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. Post your queries and I'll see if I can help if its a one off simple query, if not I'll point to the installation manual to learn the programming yourself. I think from there i would be able to manage on my own to create any usercodes i may need. Im usually quite good with anything like this but this system is just beyond complex for someone whos never touched an alarm system before. I think from there i would be able to manage on my own to create any usercodes i may need The guide is available here The guide is available here As i mentioned i do not know the master code but have an installer code.Having said that, its recommended that 1234 be the installer code. I'll probably stick a note in the guide to make that clear. I have replaced the backup battery but when i did this i disconnected the system from the mains, the alarm works as normal but i now have a fault 2 which is a date and time fault and it just needs to be re-entered, but to do this i need the master or installer code which i dont have.

Is there something I am missing or does anyone have any other suggestions. Michael Please look on the manual from here: The control panel is now reset to the factory default settings. 6. Disarm the control panel using the default Master Code (2580). You must return the control panel for exchange. A service fee will be charged to unlock the control panel’s memory. Some current Bosch security model got built in modem. Good luck:). To start viewing messages,Apparently the alarm has been working fine without any issues. Without running too may tests on the alarm i decided to master default the system and reprogramme from scratch. Now here is my issue. I follow the master default procedure by holding down 'Default', killing power, restarting etc etc etc. I get 1 click from the dialler seize relay (RL2) and then 2 beeps from the keypad. But now my keypad is frozen. Nothing will work on the keypad. It will beep when you push a key but that is all. The unit isn't connected to a phone line as there is no phone line at the property. Any ideas or pointers? Cheers!Your system is a solution 16 plus, very different to a solution 16. You haven't used the correct default proceedure either Try this first; power down completely, then power back up using the battery then the mains don't touch the default button.Check which code works, your old code or the default 2580 code. If your old code works leave it alone unless there is something actually wrong with the syste m If the default code works call a suitably licensed technician it will only take a couple of minutes to reprogram.Your system is a solution 16 plus, very different to a solution 16. If your old code works leave it alone unless there is something actually wrong with the syste m If the default code works call a suitably licensed technician it will only take a couple of minutes to reprogram. None of those suggestions have worked.

You made a mistake and unfortunately it may end up costing you more than you were hoping to save by trying to do it yourself. By the look of things you need to call a suitably licensed and experienced Technician, it should take an experienced Technician a couple of minutes to either diagnose the fault or repair the damage you have done and then a maximum of 30 minutes to reprogram it back into a usable state. Explain the fault and what you have tried to do and ask the person if they have experience working on a Solution 16 Plus.It's not hard to knock up a webpage. I would suggest you ask the hard questions and make up your own mind. But give TheAlarmGuy or Drift a PM and try them on for size. If you want it monitored, let me know.If in Melbourne, PM me. To start viewing messages,My wireless PIR can detect movement and I can see a flashing light on my wireless receiver when there is an activity. However I can not see any update on the keypad. Is there anything I need to do to get my wireless receiver to talk to my system. Any help will be much appreciated. Let me know if you need any other information. CheersMy wireless PIR can detect movement and I can see a flashing light on my wireless receiver when there is an activity. Let me know if you need any other information. Cheers Thought i could get some friendly advice form this forum as I saw a few posts regarding this specific security system. My issue is trying to get the wireless receiver to talk to my system.I've set the option 4 as you've said but still can't get any signal to the keypad.Take the front cover off the PIR and the panel will see the tamper, if that works then hardware should be ok. When testing the PIR arm the alarm go out side for 5mins then go back in trigger it and see if you get a alarm from itEach sensor has a unique code to link it to the panel.Recently I had to reset to factory default because I was trying to clean up all the user codes without realising that user 1 is also the master code.

After resetting the system to default and following the 282 page manual, I was able to set up new user codes and the zones etc. But for some reasons all the zone indicators on the remote codepad keep lit up all the time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Have a look in menu 340.Mine is a Sol 16. So I will check location 339. Will try other values and see how that goes. Thanks again.Mine is a Sol 16. So I will check location 339. Thanks again. So problem solved. Thanks very much for the help. Congratulations on selecting the Solution Ultima.Wash hands before performing these operations. Use gloves for handling chemicals. Use clean and foodgrade utensils for cleaning (do. 3 Mar 2015 solution-manual-3rd-ed-metal-forming-mechanics-and-metallurgy. Basic System Operation.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Please phone us for any urgent orders or to check stock levels. Pickups - We are still allowing pickups from our store. Please order and pay online. We are no longer accepting face-to-face payments.If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Cheap Alarm Parts’s relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. It is subject to change without notice. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. We reserve the right to not accept your offer and fully refund you any amounts we have taken as a deposit for your order. In the event of this happening we apologise for the inconvenience and where possible will substitute a similar product of equal or better quality. We will notify you if the product is not yet available.

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Now we’re adding one more to the list: the Internet of Things (IoT) and video.Read More About our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Measures. Copyright Notice All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Electronics Design and Manufacturing Pty Limited. So that you can obtain the most from your unit, we suggest that you take the time to read through this manual and familiarise yourself with the numerous outstanding operating and installation features of this control panel. You will notice that in all aspects of planning, engineering, styling, operation, convenience and adaptability, we have sought to anticipate your every possible requirement. Programming simplicity and speed have been some of the major considerations and we believe that our objectives in this area have been more than satisfied. This installation manual will explain all aspects of programming the Solution-16 control panel from factory default to final commissioning. All system parameters and options are detailed, however, suitability is left up to the individual. Every control panel can be tailored to meet all requirements quickly and easily. The programming simplicity will make your installation quick, accurate and rewarding each and every time. The Solution range of control panels has proven very popular amongst thousands of people throughout many countries of the world, all who have various levels of technical aptitude and ability. We have tried to aim this installation manual to all levels of readers. As the Solution control panels have continued to advance over the years, they have become very powerful and extensive. All zone indicators on the remote codepad will illuminate momentarily and then extinguish. Check the operation of the overload LED (LD1) on the printed circuit board.